FYROM: realization of Pilot broadband infrastructure project using PPP


PPP4Broadband partners have recently started the phase of pilot actions realization (= pilot broadband infrastructure projects using Public-Private Partnership) in 4 pilot areas. It´ our pleasure to provide you with description of all of them in terms of geography, socio-economic situation and current broadband coverage.

The pilot area situated in FYROM - Makedonska Kamenica

The locality of Makedonska Kamenica municipality covers one city with а population of 5,147 inhabitants and an area of 14.3 km2, and 8 villages (Todorovci, Lukovica, Kostin Dol, Kosevica, Moshitica, Dulica, Cera and Sasa) with total population of 3,000 inhabitants. The villages are very small and are of a scattered type (no more than 15 houses in one settlement). At the moment there is broadband internet only in the city of the municipality with a penetration rate of 57% (internet connections / households) where 48% are with ADSL connection and 9% are with fibre optic.

The main objective for deploying broadband in the municipality is to enhance the economy and the electronic commerce, to introduce new opportunities in the public services domain (e-health, e-learning, e-services, e-commerce, etc.), and to encourage tourism.

The technical solution is based on the use of optical networks deployed through the most optimal solution in terms of geographical coverage and available resources. It covers ULTRAFAST Technology (100 or more than 100 Mbps) and a deployment of a Network with Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) architecture, where each subscriber is connected by a dedicated fibre to a port on the equipment in the Point-Of-Presence (POP), or to the passive optical splitter, using shared feeder fibre to the Point-Of-Presence (POP).