ROMANIA: Realization of Pilot broadband infrastructure project using PPP


PPP4Broadband partners have recently started the phase of pilot actions realization (= pilot broadband infrastructure projects using Public-Private Partnership) in 4 pilot areas. It´ our pleasure to provide you with description of all of them in terms of geography, socio-economic situation and current broadband coverage.

The pilot area situated in Romania - municipality of Galda De Jos

In Romania, Alba County, AIDA area, there are still white zones areas, most of them in Galda de Jos commune. These white zone villages in Galda de Jos commune have been selected for PPP4Broadband pilot action. More specifically, we speak about the following villages: Magura, Lupseni, Zagris: 3,5 km2 network coverage for 31 houses, Raicani: 1,5km2 network coverage for 14 houses.

Project’s main objective in this pilot area is to offer Internet access in a mountain rural area with low population, difficult access and with no Internet connectivity for tourists and for residents, in order to promote the area and to stop decreasing the number of residents.

Tehnical solution is chosen according to the terrain, spread of houses, lack of electricity and lack of pilars. The network infrastructure: wireless (6 active devices), point to point for backhaul conectivity and point to multipoint for connection of houses. Basic requisites: 2 pilars, grounding, lightning protection, solar panels, solar controllers, batteries, fence.

PPP4Broadband chosen model is Joint Venture Capital, because the public authority is making the project, investments in basic requisites and is obtaining the authorizations. Private sector will build and operate the telecommunication network, investing in wireless equipments.

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