PPP4Broadband Days 2014 Brussels


Roughly 90 participants from all over Europe participated at the public conference "PPP4Broadband Days 2014 Brussels" which took place on 9th of December 2014 in Brussels. Organization and coordination of the event was managed by Agency for Innovation and European Cooperation (AIEC).

Thanks to notable speakers and panelists representing DG Connect of EC, Alcatel Lucent, European Investment Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the conference offered a great discussions and up-to-date information. The panel discussion provided a very interesting insights and ideas about what are the practical issues and how to successfully overcome them, using PPP and other financial tools to successfully develop broadband infrastructures in excluded areas.

PPP4Broadband transnational initiative has been supporting the development of broadband, using PPP in South-East European regions. It has also facilitated a network of national Centres of Excellence. These Centres of Excellence support public actors when conducting PPP for Broadband infrastructure deployment (see more about national centres of excellence: www.ppp4broadband.eu).

Have a look at the conference video here.

All the presentation used at the conference are available here.