About national Centres of Excellence

National PPP4B Centres of Excellence, established in 9 countries of South-East Europe, support public actors when conducting PPP public procurements in Broadband infrastructure deployment. For precise guiding of public actors, Centres of Excellence use standardized manual to ensure high quality consultations and PPP4Broadband Models that were researched and developed within the project.

National PPP4Broadband Centres of Excellence aim at concentrating the knowledge in the field of PPP models for broadband deployment in rural areas:

  • Consultation to public procurers for usage of PPP4Broadband models
  • Technical assistance and facilitation of PPP
  • Education for public procurers for usage of the PPP4Broadband models
  • Providing of specific and completely customized documentation for purpose of PPP for Broadband development
  • Project management and financial advisory services
  • Awareness creation across public procurers within the national / regional territory
  • Promoting the concept of PPP for BB infrastructure development towards relevant na¬≠tional public administration bodies